About the New Girls’ Network

NGNwomenThe New Girls’ Network is a group of smart, savvy women dedicated to helping each other advance in the professional world.

We combine cutting-edge social science with practical advice about real-life situations. Whether fresh out of graduate school or perched atop the corporate ladder, women confront a unique set of challenges in the professional world: they have more opportunities than ever before, but they’re still dramatically underrepresented in the highest ranks. We’ve read hundreds of studies and interviewed more than 100 women to figure out what’s holding women back – and provide a guide to getting ahead.

A Few Words About Us

The New Girls’ Network was founded in 2010 as The Wise Women’s Network, a core group of roughly 20 powerful women in business, media, and law.

Members include partners at top law, accounting, and consulting firms, general counsel of several Fortune 500 corporations, bestselling authors, and entrepreneurs who have founded their own successful businesses. The Wise Women met twice a year to discuss their own experiences with the goal of working together to help other women. The New Girls’ Network has since expanded to include interviews with dozens of additional women who are forging a path through corporate America and beyond.