What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

New Girls’ Network founder Joan C. Williams discusses why working fathers need balance too on HBR IdeaCast.

Despite a bipartisan victory in state legislature, Rick Perry vetoed Texas’ equal pay bill. What role did corporate lobbyists play in this disappointing outcome?

Have you been following the “opt out” discussion?

Related, millennial women aren’t opting out; they’re doubling down

On the role of employer recruitment in gendered job segregation.

Are you ready for “the next wave of the women’s movement?” Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses work-family policies, caregiving, and what we shouldn’t expect from female trailblazers.

Check out web design agency Brilliant Blue’s innovative, caregiver-friendly approach to management!

And a mother’s encouraging account of her daughter’s introduction to STEM: Lego camp.

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