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The New Sexy: Millennial Egalitarian Men

A recent article in Slate (based on an article in the Guardian) reports that many young Japanese have lost interest in sex. The Japan Family Planning Association found that 45 percent of women aged 16-24, and 25 percent of the men, “were not interested in or despised sexual contact.” A 2011 survey found that 61% of unmarried men and 49% of […]

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What We’re Reading

Old news for some, but for recent grads: the 23 unwritten rules of email The Paris mayoral race is all-female (and how to interpret that) What do you think of the findings presented by these professors? Related, do women “redefine power”? Need some career inspiration? Check out these profiles from The Everygirl. Forbes “Power Women […]

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The Downside for Dads

Co-written with Joan C. Williams. “My small contribution to feminism is leaving the office at 5:15 PM three times a week to pick up my daughter…and not hiding it.” You might expect that these are the words of a working mother who, after too little sleep and too many people wondering “how she does it,” […]

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Take a Look! The New Girls’ Network ‘Finding Your Voice’ Event Hosted by Kirkland and Ellis

On April 4, 2013, the Chicago office of Kirkland & Ellis hosted the inaugural New Girls’ Network event, “Finding Your Voice.” The event included an interview with famed opera star Renée Fleming, a panel discussion with Vernā Myers, Sheli Rosenberg, and Michele Coleman Mayes, and an interview of Pfizer Inc. General Counsel Amy Schulman and Pfizer Inc. […]

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The New Girls’ Network: Binders upon Binders of Stolen Ideas

Co-written by Katherine Ullman. “Binders full of women.” We all know what Mitt Romney meant during last night’s presidential debate when he discussed his “effort” to recruit more women during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. But what he said spread like wildfire across the internetand produced some amusing results. Our personal favorites? A picture of young Patrick Swayze with the […]

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Feminism, on a Tightrope

Like just about every other feminist on the Internet, I’ve read quite a bit about Marissa Mayer lately: she’s the new CEO of Yahoo, she’s about to have her first child, she’s going to be making $59 million, she’s behind some of Google’s most influential contributions and she likes periwinkle turtlenecks. But then I read […]

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