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Why Are There So Few Women in Science, Continued

Kudos to The New York Times for commissioning an article on why there are so few women in science. Author Eileen Pollack suggests two reasons. Citing her own experience as an undergraduate at Yale, she argues that women doubt themselves, and need to be encouraged more to pursue science careers: “The most powerful determinant of whether a woman goes […]

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What Works for Women at Work: Answers to Common Questions- Getting Your Accomplishments Recognized?

None of my supervisors seem to pay attention to—or at least remember—my accomplishments. My male coworkers don’t seem to have this problem. But when I try to remind my colleagues, I just see all these “who do you think you are?” faces staring back at me. What can I do to get recognition without looking […]

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Take a Look! The New Girls’ Network ‘Finding Your Voice’ Event Hosted by Kirkland and Ellis

On April 4, 2013, the Chicago office of Kirkland & Ellis hosted the inaugural New Girls’ Network event, “Finding Your Voice.” The event included an interview with famed opera star Renée Fleming, a panel discussion with Vernā Myers, Sheli Rosenberg, and Michele Coleman Mayes, and an interview of Pfizer Inc. General Counsel Amy Schulman and Pfizer Inc. […]

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Is It Too Cold To Lean In? Women In STEM

Co-written by Katherine Ullman. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for women in STEM. Most shockingly, Adria Richards, former developer evangelist at SendGrid, was fired after she publicly reported two men (one of whom was also fired) for making lewd jokes in earshot at a PyCon Conference. Richards has since received nasty messages for speaking […]

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Dying Childless at Thirty? Won’t Help

Co-written with Katherine Ullman. Joan once wrote that the way for women to gain equality was to die childless at thirty, based on data that young women without kids earn almost as much as men. Turns out even that won’t guarantee equality. A new report released last week by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) finds that the […]

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The New Girls’ Network: Binders upon Binders of Stolen Ideas

Co-written by Katherine Ullman. “Binders full of women.” We all know what Mitt Romney meant during last night’s presidential debate when he discussed his “effort” to recruit more women during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. But what he said spread like wildfire across the internetand produced some amusing results. Our personal favorites? A picture of young Patrick Swayze with the […]

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