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The New ‘Slacker’ Millennial Guy

In the past, men demonstrated their manliness at work by mooning the trading floor (to quote one conversation I had recently) or pounding their chests à la Alpha-Ape (to quote someone I interviewed a few years back). “Come back with your shield or on it,” a partner used to joke in the 1980s whenever someone […]

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What We’re Reading

Three cheers for Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues in Congress, who rolled out their new economic agenda for women and families on Thursday! Children’s storybook characters “often inhabit a bygone, male breadwinner-female homemaker era.” Eager to appeal to women voters, male politicians are shooting campaign ads in their kitchens. The results? Mixed. Techies and attorneys, […]

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What Works for Women at Work: Answers to Common Questions – Flexibility

I’m fortunate to work at a company that offers flexible working arrangements, and since the birth of my first child, I’ve worked from home part-time. I’m still a committed employee producing high caliber work, but I’m being given less challenging assignments, and my supervisor no longer discusses the possibility of advancement with me. I really […]

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Take a Look! The New Girls’ Network ‘Finding Your Voice’ Event Hosted by Kirkland and Ellis

On April 4, 2013, the Chicago office of Kirkland & Ellis hosted the inaugural New Girls’ Network event, “Finding Your Voice.” The event included an interview with famed opera star Renée Fleming, a panel discussion with Vernā Myers, Sheli Rosenberg, and Michele Coleman Mayes, and an interview of Pfizer Inc. General Counsel Amy Schulman and Pfizer Inc. […]

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The Duchess Throws Up

In a snarky article, the newspaper of record confirms what we already know: Kate Middleton is pregnant. She’s so nauseated that she’s in the hospital on an intravenous drip. She’s just lucky she’s not an American gal. U.S. employers regularly fire pregnant women when they need modest accommodations to keep doing their jobs. When women become […]

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The Best Anti-Poverty Program? Effective Scheduling of Hourly Workers

Susan Lambert, Associate Professor at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration and the author of a much-discussed op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times, once told me that she gets a lot of grief. “You study what,” say her social work friends. “Scheduling?” I am happy Susan’s brilliant work is getting the attention it deserves, because reshaping […]

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