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Welcome to The New Girls’ Network!

Welcome to the New Girls’ Network. We’re a group of women committed to helping other women advance, inside and outside the office. Our goal is to educate women (and men) about the ways lingering gender bias infiltrates our everyday lives, and to provide strategies to overcome its effects. Over the next several months, this will […]

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Can Mothers Found Start-Ups? (Hint: Yes)

An article in this weekend’s New York Times shed some more light on Silicon Valley’s worst-kept secret: it has a woman problem. Its look at female founders of tech start-ups who also have children shows a remarkable lack of self-consciousness about Maternal Wall bias, the strongest and most open form of gender bias today. According to the article, women make […]

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The “Uppity Women” of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley was hit hard last week when venture capitalist Ellen Pao’s lawsuit against former employer Kleiner Perkins was made public. Among other things, Pao alleged that she had been sexually harassed by more than one male co-worker, and retaliated against when she complained. She also claimed that women at the firm were discriminated against “by failing […]

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“The Hunger Games” Hopeful Vision for the Future

I almost don’t want to write this post, because it brings attention to something I’d much rather be ignored. In the frenetic lead-up to the March 23 opening of The Hunger Games, there are articles about the movie’s restrictive costumes, about its “futuristic Appalchian” soundtrack, about its similarities with a Japanese film called Battle Royale. But few of them focus on one key […]

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