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The Best Anti-Poverty Program? Effective Scheduling of Hourly Workers

Susan Lambert, Associate Professor at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration and the author of a much-discussed op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times, once told me that she gets a lot of grief. “You study what,” say her social work friends. “Scheduling?” I am happy Susan’s brilliant work is getting the attention it deserves, because reshaping […]

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Feminism, on a Tightrope

Like just about every other feminist on the Internet, I’ve read quite a bit about Marissa Mayer lately: she’s the new CEO of Yahoo, she’s about to have her first child, she’s going to be making $59 million, she’s behind some of Google’s most influential contributions and she likes periwinkle turtlenecks. But then I read […]

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Back to Work, with Cigars

The Labor Day op-ed I co-authored with Anne-Marie Slaughter was written before I read a stupendous, and sobering, article by Erin Kelly, a sociologist at University of Minnesota, who is one of the foremost work-family researchers in the country. (All data and quotes in this article are from her study.) Kelly’s 2010 study estimated that only about half of […]

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